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What is the Summer Music Colour Run all about?

What is the Summer Music Colour Run?
The Summer Music Colour Run is the most fun you’ll ever experience in a 5K! At the starting line you’re clean as a newborn baby and ready to boogie. Some 5k later, you’ll be so coated with a rainbow of colour that your own mother may not recognise you and your hips will be aching from shaking that booty. At each Colour Zone we paint you a different shade and at each Music Zone we have a different theme and speakers every 50m to keep you going  until you cross the finish line and into a final finish festival.

Is there an age limit?
Would you put an age limit on enjoying summer? We welcome all ages. Kids under 10 are free and those older must register as adults. All mini participants must have their waiver signed by a parent or guardian and have a safety wristband attached.

Do I have to be a runner?
You’re not Usain Bolt? Not even sure what a 5K means? No problem. There are thousands of competitive runs out there, but our main goal is washing you in colour and showering you in music – the upward FitBit count is just an added bonus. Get through our fun run by sprinting, walking, skipping, dancing or hitching a piggy back ride. We won’t judge.

Do you have a charity?
The Summer Music Colour Run is a for-profit business that believes in giving back to the community, so we donate a portion of our proceeds to our many charity partners. For more information on your local charity partner, visit the web page for your race location.

Is The Summer Music Colour Run safe?
The safety of our runners and employees has always been our top priority. Our colour is certified non-toxic and is corn starch-based with food-grade dyes. As with any substance, you won’t want it in your eyes! All The Summer Music Colour Run volunteers receive strict instructions to throw colour below the head, but as an extra precaution, many runners opt to wear sunglasses or goggles, and sometimes a bandana over the mouth and nose while passing through colour zones.

Can I participate if I have medical issues or am pregnant?
Our colour is non-toxic and corn starch-based. We want everyone to be as safe as possible, so if you are allergic to corn or food dye, participation in The Summer Music Colour Run is strictly off limits. If you are pregnant or have other health concerns, consult with your doctor.

This is my first 5K, what do I need to know?
Don’t be nervous! Your 5K isn’t timed, and there are no judgments for how long it takes you to finish the course. We’re a fun run, so if you can walk 5k, you are certified #SummerStrong. Our recommendations: arrive 30- 45 mins early, lace up some comfortable shoes or your best running flip flops, and most importantly, wear whatever you’d like to see splashed in colour! (White looks best- just keep in mind that whatever you’re wearing could potentially remain dyed even after a wash!)

I’d like to be a sponsor or vendor, what should I do?
We’re always interested in partnering with sponsors and local vendors that add value to our events! We have vendor booth spaces and sponsorship available. If you want more information then please contact us

Registration & Entry

What’s included in my registration?
Ticket Price includes, Race Number, Powder Sachet, Tattoo, T-shirt, Takealot Coupon, Travelstart discount Voucher & last but not least entry into our “Win a Trip to Paris” competition, the winners will be announced on the 30th December 2017.

How much does it cost?
See your local location page for current registration pricing. The earlier you register, the cheaper the cost and if you’re a local then we’ve got a special for you too.

Do you have a kids registration?
Kids aged 10 and up must be registered as adults. Kids under 10 run for free, but do not receive any participant goodies bags (that’s the shirt, number, tattoo, and colour pack). All minors must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian before they can participate and be wearing a completed safety wrist band before they run. These are available at race pack pick up.

I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?
Registrations are non-refundable, but fully transferrable. You can’t make it? Give your friend the gift of summer, or sell it to a complete stranger: it’s your life!

How do I transfer my registration to someone else?
Pass your rack pack on if you’ve collected already or just email if you haven’t collected. Just give them your ticket number, the old runners details and the new runners details as away we go.

When is Race Pack Pick Up?
Just check you location page for all that info.

When is the latest I can register?
Procrastinators, rejoice! You can register online up until Race Pack Pick Up and then in person at the collection location. Heck you can even pitch up on race day and register at the event. That said, the earlier you register, the cheaper your registration price, and some locations will sell out!

Race Pack Pick UP

Where can I get my race packet?
Simple! At your local collection point in town a few days before the big day. Check the details on your location event page here on the site. We’ll send you an email  or an SMS with all the details in the week before your race date.

What if I can’t make it to Race Pack Pick Up?
That whole cloning thing would really come in handy for moments like this, but don’t stress, someone else can pick up your packet for you, they just need your ticket (e-ticket counts too!) or information with them. If you don’t have any friends willing to help out, you may want to look into getting new friends, or a personal assistant. If those options aren’t 100% viable, we provide one final option: packet pick up on race day. This last resort is not without consequences, however, as lines tend to do an extendo trick on race day, so plan accordingly, and arrive at least a bit early.

Can someone else pick up my packet for me?
Yes! What a treasured, selfless friend you must have. To pick up your packet, they just need your ticket or e-ticket. If you’re on a team, any member of your team can pick up for all of you, they just need each teammates’ ticket.

Your Big Day

What time should I arrive?
In a perfect world, we recommend you get there about 30 – 45 mins before your start time. This will give you wiggle room should you encounter traffic, choose to shop at the merch tent, or stretch out before the run. We’ll send you an email with updated details should your location require unique instructions!

What do I wear?
Your awesome Summer Music Run Tee! Our colour appears most vibrant on a clean white backdrop.. so we made it white! Make sure whatever else you wear is eligible for a tie-dye! Our colours do wash out but you never quite know. You’ll receive a your exclusive t-shirt with your registration! We’ll have lots of summery options available (including white tees, tanks, and tutus) for purchase at packet pick up!

Does the colour come out?
The powdered colour is washable, and should easily wash off of skin and out of hair. If you have light blonde hair or coarse hair check out the various tips will have in your Runners Guide to do with washing it out.  A quick Google search will get you tons of tips on how to get rid of the colour or keep it!

What do I bring?
Bring the least amount of belongings necessary so that you don’t feel weighed down and can strictly focus on the colour  and music showering you from all sides- and documenting it. Necessities like a phone, a credit card, a towel or garbage bags to cover your car seats, and a water bottle (though we do have water stations!) are crucial. Not advised, or allowed? Pets, bikes, scooters, weapons, lighters… you know what’s good for you.

Can my family and friends come watch me as a spectator?
Definitely, we love cheer squads! Our only stipulation is that they stay off the actual running course – this is for their safety and also the safety of our runners. We have various forms of colour for sale if they want to join in the colour throws post-race and get messy with you.

Can I bring my phone or camera?
We highly encourage bringing your devices – just make sure they are well protected from the elements, i.e. splashes, clouds, and splats of colour.

What about a selfie stick?
Your selfie stick is only welcome if you’re as big on your manners as you are on securing an optimal group photo. Your neighbors didn’t sign up for a stick in their face, and we don’t want anyone getting hit in the head, so please use your discretion.

Is there a bag check?
There is no bag check and there are no lockers. Our employees and volunteers are not responsible for babysitting purses, wallets, or a change of clothes. The best rule of thumb: if you don’t want it on your body during the run, leave it at home!

Is the Summer Music Colour Run timed?
There are thousands of competitive runs out there, but our main goal is washing you in colour – not setting your new PR. Get through our fun run by sprinting, grooving, shimmy-ing, walking, skipping, or hitching a piggy back ride. We won’t judge.

Can I bring my pet dog, cat, or hamster?
We love your pets, which is why they aren’t allowed. For the safety of pets and all runners, please leave your furry/scaly/slimy/squawking friends at home.

What if there’s bad weather?
You think a few storm clouds can stop summer? Rain just brightens the colours! For more critical weather concerns (tornados, flooding, etc), check our Facebook event page for the most up to date info. If the weather is deemed dangerous by your event director or local authorities, we will email you with cancellation or postponement details.

Will there be anything there to buy?
We have a merch tent full of opportunity and rainbows. You can find it at Race Pack Pick Up and on race day.

I lost something at the event, what do I do?
All lost items are taken to our check in tent. If you’ve already left the venue, you can email us at to help source any missing objects!

What if I have a disability?
Email us at with the city you’d like to participate in and your needs, and we’ll do our best to assist you!

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